Neuer Sensualismus - New Sensualismus
Neuer Sensualismus - New Sensualismus             




- Der Raum ist unendlich

- Die Wahrnehmung des Raumes als holographische Wirkllchkeit

- Das Durchdringen des Raumes mit Farben

- Farbe ist Frequenz und Klang

- Geist durchdringt die Materie

- Das Bewusstsein, dass die Materie in ihrer eigentlichen Form nur in der         Vorstellung existiert 

- Das Unterbewusstsein und das Bewusstsein durchdringen sich 

- Das ganze Leben ist unendliches Bewusstsein – Frequenz – Klang


- The space is infinite 

- The perception of space as a holographic reality 

- The flooding of space with colors 

- Color is frequency and sound 

- Spirit permeates matter 

- Awareness. that matter in its actual form exists only in the imagination 

- The subconscious mind and consciousness are one 

- The whole life is infinite consciousness - frequency - sound


New Sensualism 

As the ray of light from the morning sun floods me with its reddish warm tone, full of love and lightness, I feel the clarity of the direction in my work, which again serves the person and brings him back to the consciousness of his cosmic existence and intellect Floating, slightly transparent, the image composition area, located on colored surfaces, which is characterized by sensitivity and tenderness in color design and in a color gradient, excellent image quality, in "The New Sensuality .

New sensualism is more a form of being or essence than an abstraction of a new idea. The fact that it is by no means a heavy superstructure of the thought construct.  For the maximum tip of the finger, the color gradient is traced and tracked. Restriction through the screen is only an assumed limit. The picture ends after a while outside the image, it continues, so to speak, on the wall and ends with reality, in the viewer of the images and his perception.


It connects with the exhibition space and is part of an infinite space, the universe. The artist's hand is the medium for divine / cosmic inspiration and sends it through the appropriate medium of painting to visualization as an image. What an observer sees is what vibrates in him, or even light that only vibrates, which generates sound through appropriate frequencies, which become the beauty of work in a cosmic context. The artist is completely free from restrictions or norms.


His liveliness is reflected in the work and, thus, becomes a source of inspiration for others.  Therefore, the image is "beautiful" or perceived as such, because it is powered by this divine / cosmic source, which connects us all with the cosmos and thus opens our eyes to reality, beautiful. Light penetrates into all matter and leads a person to transparency, which connects it with the Universe.


Frequency resonance "New sensuality" is a frequency-conscious painting and creates a resonance through what is created in the viewer. This is carried over to the entire environment and, thus, creates an environment with intense vibration. Behavior, even if it is a counterpoint in the composition. When consciousness is tuned to the whole sphere of perception, there are no restrictions. Since the perception of reality refers to the whole cosmic space, they can not be limited.


After this period, the perception affects not only the sensitive parts of being that can hardly be perceived in terms or words, but can also be found on deviations and lateral paths. It is these deviations from any lines and trends in art that make up sensuality. It can be found where everything is there, but goes much further in its extensions.


This is why this breadth, boundless, makes the new sensuality so refreshing. There is no dust on his way. No heavy, burdened story is superimposed on him, and therefore he can easily find .......... one could also say: he is just there, creating unchecked wherever life starts to rain, in all the best Movements of Being . Laws dissolve and are replaced by the law of mindfulness and sensation, intuition. Through intuition, a person reaches the perception of the essential and, thus, penetrates into the sources of being and inspiration.


On the coincidence in the production of the picture: A continuous flow of colors on the canvas, this flow through the hand that directs the brush giving direction; not exactly, only biased by their will.


(dieser Text wurde von Larissa Skopkina verfaßt und basiert auf dem Philosophischen Konzept von Leo Königsberg)

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